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Glenn Beck Fans

The Sick Freak Army

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This is a community for fans of Glenn Beck, the host of the Glenn Beck Program, a conservative radio talk show that is quite unlike the rest. Fans of similar talk shows, conservatives and Republicans are welcomed to join as well. The community is open to discusing Glenn Beck, politics, current events, and other related topics.

The following paragraphs are taken from the Glenn Beck website: http://www.glennbeck.com/about

Glenn Beck is the host and star of a daily talk radio program based out of Philadelphia, that has jumped to syndication on more than 100 stations across the US in two years.

His program ranges from political issues to sad stories about a little girl's death, which prompted listeners to donate thousands of dollars for the girl's family.

An article about him in the St. Petersburg Times said he "talks about the day's events with passion, humor and sarcasm. He's winning some listeners, angering others, and leaving some scratching their heads."

Beck describes himself as a Mormon whose politics lean toward libertarian but also promotes traditional family values.

"I truly believe if I play every single one of my cards face up on the table they can never be taken from me and played against me. I'm not hiding anything. I never feel I've exposed too much," Beck told the St. Petersburg Times. "I'm not smart enough to lie. I'd never be able to cover my tracks."

Beck has been interested in radio for more than 20 years, and made his first on-air appearance at a Seattle, Washington, radio station when he was 13.

After two years on the air, his show is now syndicated in across America. He is also available on XM Satellite Radio.

In a statement of the show's principles, Beck wrote:

"We believe that while America may have made mistakes in the past with our foreign policy, no policy warrants an act of terror on any countries civilian population. We believe that America is justified in a military response on any country found to support international terrorism."

For more information on Glenn Beck and the Glenn Beck Program, please visit http://www.glennbeck.com or read his fabulous book, The Real America

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