gippermom (gippermom) wrote in glennbeck,

Moral Confusion

Why do well-intended people engage in the very behaviors that are exactly the opposite of what they claim they are (agents for good)? They cannot be branded evil because many are basically good. They cannot be branded stupid because many are smart and if it were just plain stupidity, they would be right more often! The only possible explanation for never failing to be on the wrong side of issues is a mind that construes reality in a child-like way.  How do they think they are making a better world? Utopia will not come with the rejection of all that is fact, reason, evidence, logic, truth, morality and decency. Working so hard to prove that right isn't right and wrong isn't wrong, devaluing everything that man values, tearing down what is good and elevating what is evil, tearing down behaviors that lead to success and elevating behaviors that lead to failure...all work against the very concept of Utopic existence (sounds more like Dante's Inferno what they are working towards) and makes the ideal even more of an unattainable impossibility.  The good premises of their personal philosophies are easier achieved through moral clarity than nihilism, but how to make the idealist utopia-seeing child understand that?  Maybe growing up begins with understanding the simple concept that EVIL IS NEVER THE VICTIM OF GOOD?
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