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ACORN: The Group That Got Obama Elected (Cross-Posted)

I cross-posted this in a few communities, but I did not want to over-crosspost since I cross-posted other communities with something else I wrote. If someone thinks this should be cross-posted to a community that I failed to post this on, feel free to do so. I am surprised that this has not been posted to other communities that I watch.

This is the video with the two people, posing as a prostitute and a pimp walk into ACORN and ask for advice on how to run a prostitution ring. This is the Baltimore video, but there is also a Washington, DC video that has been released to the public. I wonder if there will be any more videos released next week.

ACORN claims that they were baited into giving unlawful advice to these two people pretending to be a pimp and a prostitute. Seriously, anyone with common sense and an IQ above freezing temperature, should be smart enough to know not to give someone advice that involves breaking the law, especially if they are part of an organization that is receiving money from the government. All the ACORN employees had to do was tell them, "we want nothing to do with your prostitution ring" and kick them out. ACORN claims that this pair tried this out in other offices like their Philadelphia office and they did not fall for it. In fairness to ACORN, assuming that they are telling the truth, those people in that office were discerning enough to think that there was something shady in their story. The employees in the other ACORN offices should have done the same thing.

I believe that now, the male in the pair, posing as the pimp, is facing legal trouble in Maryland, because in Maryland, there is a law against video taping people without their consent. If that is the case, then how are police officers in Maryland able to bust drug or prostitution rings and prove that whoever they are accusing of a crime, committed the crime, if they can not wire people? That means that the FBI tapes used to incriminate Gov. Blagojecivh in Illinios, would be unlawful in that state, even though they caught Blagojevich in unethical behavior. It seems like that law protects criminals. Does that mean that if a 7-11 has video tape coverage of a person robbing the store, that the 7-11 could get in trouble for video taping their store getting robbed? This is an absurd law if that is how it is interpreted in that state. I believe Linda Tripp, who backstabbed Monica Lewinsky during the Clinton Impeachment controversy, got into some trouble for that.

Onto ACORN. If this voter registration fraud controversy, in several states, wasn't enough to show that there was a problem with corruption in ACORN, I think these videos prove it. I do not know if this problem is an issue from the top, where the whole organization is a fraud, or if it is a decentralizied issue, where some ACORN chapters are bad, but not others. For the time being, ACORN needs to be thoroughly investigated and should not receive another cent of stimulus money until those that committed crimes are charged and those that are innocent are exonerated. If something positive came out of this, fortunately, they will have nothing to do with the 2010 census. If they were registering people to vote 72 times, registering dead people, second graders, and Disney characters, just imagine how they would mess up the Census, which decides how communities receive government funding and how Congressional Seats and electoral votes are apportioned. If Obama and ACORN get their way in the 2010 Census, illegal immigrants would be counted in with the general popoulation, for the first time in history, so a state like California, that is losing population would gain about 9 seats, while Texas, the fastest growing state in the country, would gain only 2 seats.

Something must be said about Glenn Beck and his efforts to expose Obama, his ideolgy, and associations, that he hid during the general election. He is, in 2009, what Rush Limbaugh was in 1993. Fortunately, he already got his drug problem out of the way, so that hopefully will not be an issue in the future. Beck is the only person in the conservative media to attempt to investigate Obama and put real resources into it. Others like Limbaugh and Savage have just used words, while Beck has put his money where his mouth is. Obama has tried to use Limbaugh as the face of the conservatives, but I think there are a lot of conservatives who frown upon Rush for one thing or another that he has done in the past. I could see why Obama would want to use Limbaugh as a characature for Republicans, because he is a negative stereotype of what liberals say conservatives are: fat, older, white guys who sometimes say borderline racist things.

How many crimes were suggested in this video by the ACORN employees? This could be a microcosm of what is happening nationwide.

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