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To Christians only!

I am gong to preface this opinion piece with two statements. One, I am a Christian. Two, if you are a Christian this article may not apply to you. (One of the callers was to Glenn's show, He was much calmer than I)


During the last two days I have heard two people come onto radio talk shows and state that the entire problem with the country is that we are not following Jesus, or we do not have Jesus in our hearts. If I hear this load of crap one more time I swear I am going to explode. So let the raving begin.



This country has a little thing called the first amendment and it states, in part, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof;” Notice it doesn't say anything about the Christian religion or for that matter the Jewish religion or Muslim religion. It say religion, meaning any religion and all religions. What gives you the right to even think that all the people in this country must believe in Christianity and that all our problems stem from this. Every time someone stands up and preaches this to the rest of us they are insulting the constitution of the United States and therefore all Americans. Tell me exactly were in the Bible it states that any earthly government should be run by a set of Christian governing rules. For that matter show me any Christian earthly governing rules in the New Testament at all. The only thing I can find is “Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's “ Mark 12:17 (NIV) That says to me that Jesus said to live under the rules of the earthly government while you are here and give your heart to God. I am no Biblical scholar, but there is nothing resembling a set of rules by which to govern.


America was founded by people running away from exactly what these people were promoting, that there is only one way to believe or to live. The Quakers came because their beliefs were different. The founders in their wisdom made sure that here in America all beliefs are accepted and given the same weight as far as the government is concerned. The fundamentalist leaning Christians have no more or less standing than any other group in the USA. Do you not understand that you are insulting all other people with this rhetoric you spawn? Is that not your main political concern that your beliefs are being run over by the politically correct liberals? So you would replace their intolerance of your point of view with your intolerance of everyone else?


Religion is a personal thing here in America, you are welcome to talk about it, practice it and even tell others about it in an effort to show them what you believe is the truth. But, just as the liberals have no right to stop you from exercising those rights, you have no right to tell the rest of us that we have no rights. Jesus may in fact be the answer to eternal life, but you have no scientific proof to stand on, any more than any other religion you deem wrong. Wake up, Jesus said turn the other cheek. Where do you see Jesus condemning anyone for not believing in Him. He gave them the choice and let them decide of their own free will. Yet here you stand, just a normal human being who claims to believe in the teaching of the Bible, many of you believing that same Bible to be the perfect word of God, preaching to other sinners as if you were the Saviour himself, even thought the Saviour never preached that way (that we have a record of).


America is great because the founders believed in the concept of the individual. That each individual gets to choose how to run their own life. They get to decide what politcs they believe in, they get to decide what kind of work they do and what they want to spend their money on. Right there in the 1st amendment, the very first thing added to the system of government they created, was “Congress shall make no law respecting a establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” (my emphasis) Do you think they did that so you could pound your version of religion down our throats?


And what the heck, while I'm at it I might as well let this one go. For those of you who believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible, explain to my how the bible is the absolute word of god when history tells us this:


“The first “canon” was the Muratorian Canon, which was compiled in A.D. 170. The Muratorian Canon included all of the New Testament books except Hebrews, James, and 3 John. In A.D. 363, the Council of Laodicea stated that only the Old Testament (along with the Apocrypha) and the 27 books of the New Testament were to be read in the churches. The Council of Hippo (A.D. 393) and the Council of Carthage (A.D. 397) also affirmed the same 27 books as authoritative. “ from


I could go on and on with questions about your beliefs. My point is that you have no more authority that anyone else. That is not to say you shouldn't believe what you do, but rather given number of your beliefs that don't pass intellectual mustard, what gives you the right to thrust them on the rest of us.


Again, America was founded in the belief in all humanity has certain rights that can not be taken from him or granted to him by government and, yes, with the belief in a higher power as evidenced by the Declaration of Independence. However, notice no mention of God in the Constitution and that pesky first amendment that grants religious rights to all, not just your brand. The individual is sacred, not the collective. That is why I oppose the social justice, collectivist and by definition the fascist ideas and government policy's being jammed threw congress, but your version of tyranny in the name of God and Jesus is no better, and in many ways worse, as most of you will not hold your ideas up to intellectual scrutiny.



 Monte Drebenstedt

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I think your comments were stated very well and to each his own. I am a Christian and respect the rights of others who are not. The reason that Christians try to share their beliefs with others is because they are very passionate about their faith and what it has done in their life--why wouldn't they want others to experience the same thing? Christianity is not just church and the bible, it is finding a personal relationship with Jesus that you use to improve your life. It is a part of your life that makes you want to be a better person.

If you care to read a short book, I would recommend "A Case For Christ" by Lee Storbel. I did and was fascinated by some of what he said about the creation of the bible. The bible and the documentation of Jesus's resurrection is the most documented (and edited) event in our history. You probably believe everything you read in a history book about, say WWI, WWII, or he civil war. Those accounts are a mere fraction of the accounts of Jesus. He talks about the process of building the bible and the criteria established for determine which books to include. Give it a read.

It sounds as though you believe everyone has the right to pursue what they believe. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a Christian for once and you will see that these rights are being taken away at an expontial rate. When your rights are being stripped away at an alarming rate, it is pretty scary. Everyone seems to be offended by what Christians do but not by other religions. From the Christian perspective, it appears that the laws of today support "other" religions out of fear but suppress Christianity.

Long winded--sorry.

A question for you. Do you support the freedom of speech to the extent that it could destroy the very country that granted it? Christians are already being sensored--everyday. They cannot even pray in most schools by themselves. This is supposedly offensive. I have never cared if any other religion practices right in front of me--it is not offensive to me. Our country is granting rights to other non-Christian groups while at the same time restricting rights of Christian groups.

I mean really, do we have to accomodate everyone? If a 100% Christian community celebrates each Christmas with a manger scene in the town square, do they have to stop that when they become a 99% Christian community?


September 25 2009, 02:44:34 UTC 7 years ago

I am a christian too. We are not requiring everyone to be christians. You can be whatever religion you want here in the USA. WE are NOT Trying to insult people. This country was founded on christian principles. God does say that there are consequences for sin. He also says that if his people will humble themselves and pray then he will heal their land. We just need a new congress. Christian principles are what gave us our constitution and our bill of rights and our amendments. Christian principles and values is what shaped this country and gave us our freedom! Thomas Jefferson said it best. "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." When Thomas said "Creator" he was talking about God. God gave us the freedom to choose. That is why this country is the most free country in the world. Congress told the insurance companies to shut up and that's going against our freedom of speech rights right there! Keep congress in check! I believe every thing in the bible!