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New Community...

I don't know if this is allowed, please delete with my apologies, if it is.

I made a community - reasoned_voices - with the hopes to finally open some dialogue between people - of the same views, of differing views or just out of this world views - to come and gather and ask, invite and discuss things we all think about, and talk about to our closest friends and family only.

What are some of the issues you are afraid to voice or ask about on your LJ? Have you been de-friended because you said something and had a debate, only for the other person to storm off mad? Have you found no real way to seriously ask and talk about the things you care about?

reasoned_voices was created for just that. I wanted to have a place where I could ask my questions and invite a real discussion, a real debate, with facts, with views, with intellect and reason. If you want a real discussion where information = informed discussions.

Reasoned Voices : Intelligent Debate

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